The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit
Habit is like autopilot.  You do things without thinking about them.  Creating good habits is hard work, but not the only piece of the puzzle.  We also have to break down bad habits.
On the surface Emotional Eating is a bad Habit that we have to break if we want to succeed in our weight loss journey.
The good news is that it can be done, and people are doing it every day whether they realise it or not.  And in today’s email I’m going to show you my EXACT blueprint to stop the Emotional Eating habit forever.
A habit is something that we repeatedly do, without thinking.  It doesn’t take any extra energy for us to think about doing and often can lead to great success when we build healthy habits like daily exercise.
However it isn’t such good news when we have a bad habit to break such as smoking or Emotional Eating.
We have to break the habit down into 4 parts.
  1. What triggers the habit
  2. How do I feel when this happens
  3. What are the specifics of the habit
  4. What can I do instead
Often a habit is triggered by another event.  When I wake up I have a cup of coffee.  After my shower I brush my teeth. I have a cigarette while I’m walking the dog.  What triggers your emotional eating?  This involves being mindful, and keeping a journal of the times when you notice yourself reaching for the comfort food.
This leads quite naturally into how do you feel at the time of the habit.  Are you stressed, angry, sad, lonely, feelings of inadequacy…  What are the specific emotions that keep cropping up for you.  Add this to your journal.

The specifics of the habit are the most important factor in breaking your bad habit.  What specific comfort foods do you reach for?  Where do you do your Emotional Eating?  Do you hide it from friends and family, or do they join in with you?Lastly, it’s easier to break a bad habit if you can replace it with a good habit.  What can you do instead of Emotional Eating?  Can you call a friend?  Go for a walk?  Do 50 squats? Read 10 Pages of a good book? Have a Bath?  Choose something that will not only distract you from eating, but will also make you feel better and soothe those negative emotions in a more positive way.

Now we have to put all the puzzle pieces together.  We have learned WHY we eat, HOW we are feeling and WHAT the specifics are.  You should now be able to recognise a spell of emotional eating BEFORE you get started.

You can put a plan in place to avoid the specifics of your habit.  If you always buy a specific food for example put that food on a banned list and if you are going to binge eat, you have to try something else.  If you eat in the car, put that on a banned list, if you’re going to binge you have to eat somewhere else.  If you always buy your comfort food from a specific place, put it on a banned list and if you’re going to binge you have to buy it somewhere else.

You’ll notice I’m not stopping you from Emotional Eating all together, at this stage that’s not the goal.  The goal is to recognise and to start changing the environment.

When I gave up smoking many years ago I started by not allowing myself to smoke in the car.  The car was a huge trigger for me, so by banning it, I changed my habit significantly.  It was too time consuming and difficult to pull over every time I wanted a cigarette so it cut out a huge portion of time that I was smoking which made it easier to eventually quit.

When you are ready you can replace your Emotional Eating Habit with one of the items you’ve listed as being a healthy habit you can do instead.  This will distract you from the comfort food, give you a little happy boost and in time you’ll be able to kick the habit completely.

In End Emotional Eating Forever you should analyse why you eat, what you way and how you eat and devise a personalised action plan to help you to step away from the comfort food which will ultimately lead to weight loss and a body you love.

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