Protein Balanced Diet Plan

Protein Balanced Diet Plan

What is protein balanced diet plan? It is also known as low-carbohydrate diet plan. High protein diet is used to support the body. It is easy to implement since many foods can be added to the diet plan. Example meat, fish, oil, nuts, seeds and other food products with high levels of protein.

Ketosis :

High protein also switches the ketosis phase. During the diet, the carbohydrate consumption must be drastically reduced. This results in deficiency of carbohydrate that automatically triggers the better source of energy. This is what exactly happens in the ketosis phase. Here already stored fats and carbohydrates are burnt. It ends up in weight loss.

Reduced Muscle Loss :

High protein diet will solve the problems like muscle loss caused due to low carbohydrate diet. Low carb and high protein diets are much interrelated to each other. Proteins are made up of amino acids that help to stimulate the growth of the muscles.

Side Effects of High Protein Diet :

If you are supposed to have a large amount of the proteins, that will end up in the kidney failure due to rapid urination and high amount uric acids. protein resources such as meat contain lots of bad cholesterol. Restricted carbohydrate consumption can even lead to major diseases. So protein dieting is only followed according to the physician’s advice.


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