How to Get a Six Pack of Abs

How to Get a Six Pack of Abs

Acquiring a model-like physique is in everybody’s wish list. Even people who don’t care about fitness have the desire to have a six-pack abs to attract the opposite sex, but acquiring six-pack abs isn’t an easy task. It needs a lot of dedication and a passion for fitness.

The first thing in getting a six-pack is burning an enormous amount of fat from and building the protein blocks in your body. These two things are done with the six-pack abs dieting. There are lots tips and e-books available on the internet.

Six-pack can be obtained with the selection of food and diet plan according to your body conditions. Following a proper diet with the traditional crunch workout doesn’t helps you in anyway, because to get a six pack you are supposed to do a lot of modern day workouts, and best diet plan should be followed.

Pull-ups :

The pull-ups are the major constructor of six-pack abs. Doing 25 pull-ups thrice a week with your regular exercises will help you get six-pack. You also develop a great size and strength in your arms

Leg Raises :

This is the way to lose your belly and make rise to six pack abs. This is done by raising your leg and holding on for about 10 to 12 times. You can raise the count as days go.

Hanging Sit Ups :

If bar is available, do chain ups. This will burn a lot of fat in the stomach as building the abs. If you are not strong enough, swap this with the regular crunches and sit ups.

You have to follow this exercise plan along with any diet plan. Diet and rest is the major part of the training for six-pack abs.

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