Get Rid of that Annoying Belly Fat in 3 Simple Steps

Get Rid of that Annoying Belly Fat in 3 Simple Steps

We all have our problem areas, be it our tuck shop arms or jiggly thighs.  But the question I get asked the most is how can I get rid of this annoying belly fat.

Probably the most annoying thing about belly fat is that it doesn’t matter how many crunches we do, it just doesn’t shift.  And for women it is usually one of the last places we lose weight from.  There are however, a few simple tricks that we can use to shift that unwanted flab!

1.  Eat Real Food.  Nutrition is key to fat loss.  If you are eating highly processed food on a regular basis then there is no way you are going to lose the fat.  Switch to real wholesome foods – loads of veggies, meat, fish, eggs, and wholemeal carbohydrates.

2.  Short Sharp Workouts.  High Intensity Interval Training will increase your metabolism, helping your body to shed fat.  Forget about spending hours doing slow and steady cardio.  Get up and get moving, increase your heart rate to keep burning fat all day long!

3.  Drink Your Water.  Your body needs to be hydrated in order to lose body fat, so drink 3 – 4L per day.  Yes, you will pee a lot to start with, but your body will adjust.  The initial couple of days are your body flushing out toxins so it can work on re-hydrating.  So stick with it!

Unfortunately, it does take time, but if you put the effort it, it will pay off and you will have that gorgeous flat belly you have always wanted!  And of course, don’t give up on the ab work completely!  We still wanted super toned abs so we can see when when we drop the belly fat!

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