Balanced Healthy Diet Plan

Balanced Healthy Diet Plan

Make the Breakfasts Healthy :

Eat wholegrain cereal such as weetabix, flakes, shredded wheat, and drink skimmed milk (instead of normal milk) to make a healthy life.Egg and wholegrain bread toast are the perfect breakfast without fat olive oil. Wholegrain porridge oats and skimmed milk are the favorite choices of the most.

Best Brunch :

Fruits and fruit juices Reduced form of fat and salt crisps

Optimum Lunch :

Chicken breast/ Turkey breast, salad, and sandwich. Avoid sauces. Take half a tin of baked beans in wholegrain toast. Homemade salad – Noodles are very low in sugar, and it is used in the balanced diet plan.

Outstanding Dinner :

In the night time, people following balanced healthy diet plan must eat very low amount of light food like baked grilled vegetables. Beware of oil and butter and avoid over consumption.

Homemade curry – choose little amount of oil products add lot of fresh ginger to retain nutrition and immune boosting. Fish fry and chips – Fish, chips and mushy peas are healthy foods.

Supper :

Really supper is not necessary, extra calorie consumption before you go to bed may ruin your whole diet plan. So avoid supper.

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